In most cases, we can provide an online quote for our partner brands, while other brands have to be individually inspected for us to provide a quote.

Once in our workshop, we will confirm the online quote if applicable, and if it were to change, we will send your watch back to you, free of charge, if you’d decide not to move forward with the service.


Once ready for repair, we will disassemble the whole watch, and then clean each part in our state-of-the-art machinery. Once the cleanliness and the functionality of each part is confirmed, we begin the assembly process, during which, we will apply the appropriate oils and greases to all the bearings and friction points in the watch, making sure it runs as smoothly as when it was first purchased. After the assembly is complete, the watch will be regulated and tested to factory standards.


In some cases, it won’t be necessary to conduct a full service, as the issue might be isolated, or maybe your watch just needs a little adjustment. The processes vary from watch to watch, and will have to be disclosed in the quote.


All repairs and services are covered by a 1 year warranty. All repairs and services carried out on our partner brands are covered by a 2 year warranty. Please read our terms and conditions for the complete information.