Vintage & Antique


We provide complete services, repairs, and restorations for vintage and antique timepieces. Due to their unique nature, it is impossible to provide accurate online quotes, but if given enough details, we can get a fairly good idea and a range estimate.


With a well taken care of timepiece, it is usually only necessary to give a complete service every four to five years. With no damage to parts, those services do not deviate much from one we would give a modern watch. The watch will be taken apart into its singular parts, which then will be cleaned and double checked for functionality. They will then be reassembled, oiled, and greased where need be, and then regulated to the best possible average rate. With vintage timepieces this is usually within an area of 30 to 60 seconds a day accuracy.


If a part of a vintage watch is broken, the sourcing of said parts can prove to be the most difficult stage of the repair. For this we have connections in the UK, Switzerland, and the US. Once the part is found, we can then provide an exact quote for the repair. Once the quote is approved and the part(s) arrived in our workshop, we can begin the service. Should it prove impossible to source a part, we have a wide range of tools and machinery to manufacture said part. If we can’t find a way to repair your watch, we will send it back to you free of charge.


Should you choose to carry out a full restoration, there are a wide range of extra services we can perform, such as flat polishing the screws, refinishing levers and wheels, deoxidizing mainplates and bridges, and more. These options will have to be discussed in detail during the estimation process.


Unfortunately we cannot offer maintenance services on vintage watches, as we can’t provide a warranty if we’re not carrying out a complete service.